The Good Guys

Sara wasn’t surprised when her husband Alex didn’t want anything to do with their handicapped son Michael. Her husband was callous, and she wasn’t really sure what she ever saw in him in the first place. When the doctor diagnosed Michael, she could see it in Alex’s eyes that he would never want a child with a disability. Sara did the only thing that she knew was right. She left him. She packed up the small possessions that she and her son had, and she found a tiny little apartment for them. She found work as a secretary of a company that did permeable porous paving. A man named Jimmy worked with her. He was hardworking and friendly. He always talked to Michael when she brought him in with her. They dated for a year. One day, Jimmy approached Michael, and said he had to talk to him. He told Michael he loved Sara, and he wanted to marry her, but only if Michael said it was ok. Michael looked concerned. He had seen his mom go through a lot. Jimmy looked him in the eyes, and told him he understood, but he would prove that he wasn’t like Michael’s dad. He was one of the good guys.

A New Gift Idea

It can be hard sometimes to find the perfect gifts for all of my friends and family. Sometimes I just want to give up and hand out gift cards when a birthday or holiday comes around. Now, though, I have a new option when I don’t know what to give. I have recently come across ceramic decals UK and all that they bring to the table, and I love the gift giving options that they open up.

I love giving gifts to my friends and family members, but it can be really hard to know just what I should give to who. I don’t always know what kind of gift will be appreciated and what is the right choice for each individual. I have a new gift giving option now, and that makes me really happy. I am excited to surprise my relatives with a new kind of gift.

Light Me Up For the Last Time

We stood in the middle of the field with matches in one hand and the empty containers from one of the county’s fireworks displays in the other. My grandfather stood, with tear filled eyes, thinking about my grandmother and what she meant to him.

“She was the light of my world, Leo.” he said.

“I know Pop, I know.” I had no other words to console him. It had been two months since she passed and it was still eating him alive. I didn’t know how much longer he would last like this; I was afraid he would be next to go.

I walked out to where we filled the fireworks with my grandmother’s ashes and began lighting the wicks. There was just enough time to get back to my grandfather’s side; almost on cue, the tears started to flow.

With thunderous cracks and illuminating colors, the night sky lit up as far as the eye could see.

“She gets to light up my world one more time.”

Beauty and Life

Plants and flowers have for time immemorial been the company of human in most of their dealings in life therefore the importance of flowers and of course connectedly flowers should not be underestimated.
Flowers and human life are interlinked in a vast scale. This is more in the field of showcasing love to other people and aesthetic value both within and without the realms of human’s houses. This can lead to the belief that the life of flowers and that of humans are beautifully intertwined for the more beautiful, the more aesthetic the homestead becomes and the more pleased the person.

The Red Rose has been an emblem of love in florist Harrogate and general humanity for time immemorial. People often present flowers to loved ones during very sacred days and events like Valentines and weddings. The importance of flowers to represent one’s love and passion towards the other is deep and vital. It helps to convey forth beautiful feeling deep in one’s heart and the passion they have towards the receiving party.
Thus human –flower relation is on the rise and is so beautifully intertwined often for the benefit of the person.

My Dream

I have decided to set up my own Staffordshire Bull Terrier rescue. I am in no doubt that it will take an awful lot of hard work, dedication and commitment but I am adamant that it will be worth all of my efforts.

I have been a Staffordshire Bull Terrier lover for as long as I can remember and although I love all breeds of dog, the Staffie, as it is commonly known, is by far my favourite. They are very courageous, loyal and loving dogs that despite once being bred for fighting can live in harmony with other dogs given the right upbringing and socialising.

My dream to set up a breed specific rescue has always been there but now that the numbers of abandoned and neglected Staffordshire Bull Terriers is way out of control and help is needed now more than ever before I feel that it is the right time to do something to help with the problem.

A Pet Peeve

I can’t think of anything more annoying than people who move things in a shared office. The scissors keep vanishing and today it was the NCR books – a whole stack of them! Everything has a place so that everyone who may need it can find it. I don’t understand why people don’t put things back after they use them. Just put things back where they go, that’s all I want.

I can’t even fathom a reason why someone would take four stupid transfer pads. Sure, maybe one of them. Why would someone need all four? They wouldn’t.

I’m starting to think one of my co-workers is doing this just to bother me. Ever since I said something about the scissors, my stapler has vanished and then reappeared, my pens, shared highlighters, you name it. I don’t want to seem paranoid or go “Office Space” on anyone, but come on!

My Father’s Problem

I love my father although, he can be very stubborn. He doesn’t like, to be told, he is having auditory problems. My children have to yell, to talk, to him. He thinks, only old people have these type of problems. My father doesn’t like that he is getting old. He is sixty-three. He has a lot of trouble understanding people, when they talk. They don’t just have to raise their voices. People have to screams for him understand them.

My father is a photographer. One of his clients, told him, he should get an auditory test done. Something, my whole family, has been trying to get him to do for years, now. Of course, he listened to the stranger’s advise. He did finally get an auditory test done. He loves his hearing aids.

Try Something New For Your Anniversary

My husband and I are very into being active. We are always trying new things, whether it is sky diving, mountain climbing, bungee jumping, or white water rafting. It is how we met, and it is how we stay young. For our seventh wedding anniversary, we wanted to try something that we had not tried before.

He saw an advertisement for a series of circus workshops being offered by a local gymnasium, and signed us up to take an 8 week course. It was fantastic! We had the chance to try several different things, including walking on the tight rope (I was terrible at this), and learning some basic moves on the trapeze. My husband and I really had a chance to connect, we gained some new skills, and we have a good story to tell over dinner.