Staring At The Page

I stare, no glare, at the computer screen in front of me. There is nothing more frustrating than a blank computer screen when you are trying to come up with a creative idea. Right? Fellow artists and authors know exactly what I mean. The glowing, alabaster screen seems to taunt me, and I am completely flummoxed.

A new business had hired me a few days ago to create their correspondence line. Letterheads, postcards, shipping paperwork, etc. all needed to be created. I needed a snappy motto and a happening image pronto. I get up, snag a mini muffin and a swallow of coffee and paced my tiny office floor. “This is not hard!” I tell myself. “You do this kind of thing at least 10 times a day…come up with something already!” I sit back down and the ghostly screen stares at me. The idea will come, it has to!

My Father’s Problem

I love my father although, he can be very stubborn. He doesn’t like, to be told, he is having auditory problems. My children have to yell, to talk, to him. He thinks, only old people have these type of problems. My father doesn’t like that he is getting old. He is sixty-three. He has a lot of trouble understanding people, when they talk. They don’t just have to raise their voices. People have to screams for him understand them.

My father is a photographer. One of his clients, told him, he should get an auditory test done. Something, my whole family, has been trying to get him to do for years, now. Of course, he listened to the stranger’s advise. He did finally get an auditory test done. He loves his hearing aids.

Try Something New For Your Anniversary

My husband and I are very into being active. We are always trying new things, whether it is sky diving, mountain climbing, bungee jumping, or white water rafting. It is how we met, and it is how we stay young. For our seventh wedding anniversary, we wanted to try something that we had not tried before.

He saw an advertisement for a series of circus workshops being offered by a local gymnasium, and signed us up to take an 8 week course. It was fantastic! We had the chance to try several different things, including walking on the tight rope (I was terrible at this), and learning some basic moves on the trapeze. My husband and I really had a chance to connect, we gained some new skills, and we have a good story to tell over dinner.

Flying a Broom for the First Time!

My name is Minami and I am a student at Magic School. As the semester begins, I head to Broom preoperative assessment training, or BPAT. It’s basically a broom flying class. You see, in order for students to fly their brooms, they need to take the Broom Preoperative Assessment, or BPA. If you don’t pass, you can’t fly a broom. And I don’t want to be a witch without a broom! So, I’m taking BPAT! This should be fun!
Today though, it was less fun than I thought. The first thing we did was take a pre-test on the brooms to see how good we were already. When it was my turn, I flew three hundred feet straight up in the air and then plummeted straight down until I crashed into the ground! Do you know what the teacher said afterwords? “That’s the best I’ve seen yet.”